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About Us

Hi, my name is Chelsea and I am the owner and founder of Luceth Bodycare. 
My business all started back in July 2019. I was a 26 year old mother of two crazy boys Lucas & Ethan (hence the name Luceth). 
Lucas & Ethan both had colds in the middle of winter and I wanted to add some products to bath time to help ease with their cold symptoms. I started off making Eucalyptus Essential Oil Bath Bombs for them and Lavender Essential Oil Soap. 
After 1 week I realised how much I loved making these products and I also knew what ingredients were in my products and knew they weren’t harmful to my children. 
I decided to make a Facebook Page selling my Bath Bombs and Soaps to my family & friends. 
I then had some people suggesting I make other products and it grew from there. 
I’m no longer making Bath Bombs as customers kept saying they were breaking in the post but I now make Bath Bomb Dust which personally I prefer. It’s a pouch full of the amazing ingredients I used for the Bath Bombs but this way you get to use however much you’d like so it lasts longer than just the single use Bath Bomb. 

I would also like the add a massive THANK YOU to all my customers so far. I appreciate every order you have placed and I really hope you enjoy my products as much as my boys and I do.